Non-invasive gluco-meter

Development of an interactive device for home
and clinical application in collaboration with Janine Perkuhn

This Project was a result of a collaboration of students from the fields of engineering, computer-visualization and sport technology
from the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg and two industrial design students. Its goal was to design a device for non-invasive
blood-sugar-measuring based on an innovative technology.

The constant need to measure their blood-sugar-level is a burden for most diabetics, because to date measuring the glucose-level
can just be conducted with an invasive technology. A variety of solutions developed by medical engineers, which allow the patient
a non-invasive way to diagnose their blood-sugar-level, were used as a base for this project.

During the Project a Study for a combined stationary and mobile use in hospitals or nursing homes was designed.  An intuitive
and easy to use user interface was created, so the device could be used by patients on their own, as well as in treatment, by a physician.
Both studies shown use infrared light as measuring-technology. Following the project an additional more progressive study
for a younger focus group was developed, guessing the needed parts would become smaller within the next years.